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Problems with Plant Growth

Decades of pollution as well as the exploding popularity of mobile telephones, GPS Antennas, high concentrations of exhaust gases, and other pollutants, including radio activity, have noticeably affected crop production. Fruit, vegetable, and "commodity" crops have slowly declined in quality, taste, and size.

Quantum Amplified Growth Factors

Magnetic elements with a wide-frequency spectrum, blended with gemstones and proprietary oxides, developed and tested over 33 years, will counter the negative influences caused by decades of increased levels of pollution. QAGF utilizing Quantum Science treated Pellets, in any one, or combination of three applications, will liberate crops to grow beyond typical size, volume, and taste, as well as yield an increase in their nutritional value.

As a fruit or vegetable grower/producer, would larger and tastier apples, lemons, cherries, peaches, grapes, pears, or oranges interest you?

What about larger ears of corn, bigger potatoes, broccoli, tomatoes, spinach, carrots?

Suppose wheat crops could enlarge the number of grains per wheat stalk (ear) from the ordinary 28-35 grains, to 40-50 grains?

Corn comparison pics grown with Quantum Amplified Plant Growth Factors
Corn comparison pics grown with Quantum Amplified Plant Growth Factors Guiness world records
Wheat comparison pics grown with Quantum Amplified Plant Growth Factors

Technically speaking

The 100% Natural Growth Factors function according to Paramagnetic and Quantic Principles.

Microelements emit low level of photons, which interact with living organisms in the soil, air and plants.

This unique synergetic interaction allows the emmission of bioluminescence, which dramatically enhanced plant metabolism.

Soil is enriched with calcium and magensium both absorbed by fruit trees, vegetable plants, vines, or grain seeds. The QAGF helps plants to absorb more calcium and magnesium from soil. Each granule is a micro-quantum amplifier.

Studies support

During the 2017 apple season in Michigan, Michigan State University conducted research on the effective-ness of the Quantum Amplified Growth Factors. The research discovered the following:

  1. Higher chlorophyll content in leaves. Resulting in boost of antioxidants, which activate enzymes that produce vitamins.
  2. If apples are allowed to remain on trees slightly beyond preferred harvest, the extra chlorophyll will allow starch to convert to fructose, thus resulting in sweeter-tasting apples.
  3. Extra chlorophyll allows apples to increase their resistance to fungus as the tree is absorbing more energy from the sun. A by-product of additional sun-energy is the increase of fiber, which ultimately results in the assurance of low-glycemic status, and therefore better and slower digestion and no sugar spikes.
  4. Tested apples grew larger and developed 20% thicker and darker (red) skin. The apples were more vibrant and healthy. Thicker skin produces more anti-oxidants and flavonoids (increases aromatics i.e., improves odor of fruit).

Average fruit weight

Plant Growth Enhancer average fruit weight

QAGF's cause more ultra-violet absorption regardless of seasonal changes. This results in an increase of sugars by 30%. Fruits regain their original flavor and taste; as they had several decades ago.

Blueberry plants yielded not only sweeter tasting berries, but a non-stop continuous crop production year round ... NOT JUST IN SUMMER.

A study conducted at Laboratories Institute of Chemistry in Cuji, Romania confirmed that fruit plants treated with QAGF's increased:

Carenele (Plant hulls) 1,200%
Terpines (Pleasant odor emissions 1,400%
Ocimone (Anti-fungal properties) 800%
Anthocyanin (Flavonoids) 30%

Effect on flowerrs

Longer life cycle. Typically 2 weeks, some extended to 3 months! Whithered plants turn green in 2-3 days. Colors are livelier (brighter), and odor is more pleasantly intense.

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