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Quantum Amplifier plant growth enhancer

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Quantum Amplified Growth Factors Have No Alternative!

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The production process is proprietary, and will not be patented; therefore, Quantum Amplified Growth Factors will not be duplicated or replicated.

This 100% Natural product WILL harvest a higher crop yield than you are currently producing. Both European and US studies conclude there are verifiable increases in fruit, vegetable, and "commodity" crops.

The application of this 100% Natural Plant enhancer contains only natural elements NOT derived, nor originating from, animal, vegetable, or human matter.

  • Actual size of fruit, vegetable, or grain will be larger
  • Volume per product is greater (denser)
  • Taste enhancement (Fructose content) increases resulting in sweeter taste

Yes, Quantum Amplified Growth Factors will create that big of a difference!

There are absolutely no animal or human wastes contained within Quantum Amplified Growth Factors! The product blends science and technology to overcome the negative effects of an ever-expanding environmentally damaging civilization.

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Quantum Amplified Growth Factors Summary

Additional studies conducted in Romania by Iona Davidoni, the *Award-Winning inventor of the pellets, (Quantum Amplified Growth Factors), concluded the following:

  • Pellets are 100 % natural. Therefore, if no other fertilizer is used, other than the Quantum Amplified Growth Factors, the harvest can be considered Organic.
  • When pellets are planted with seed, the soil will retain moisture longer.

Some studies saw as much as an 88% increase over untreated soil. Especially in areas prone to drought, the soil retained moisture 3-4 days as opposed to 3-4 hours.

  • Larger fruit is produced, with deeper, richer, healthier, coloration.
  • An increase by 30% in fruit sugars (fructose)-fruit taste and smell returns to where it was decades ago.
  • Growth Factor treated trees/plants are more resistant to disease and pests.
  • NCREASED CROP YIELDS (all research consistently proved this point).
  • Radioactivity around trees, plants, crops, is reduced by 40%.
  • Fruit trees, vines, and vegetable plants are literally surrounded and protected by a ball of body plasma (Blue Indigo Aura).
  • The benefits of the protective shield are multiple, and last throughout the season and beyond.
  • Testing on human subjects in Romania, who were placed on a monitored diet which included fruit and vegetables treated with QAGF pellets, were shown to have improvements in cell rejuvenation with an increase in iron and zinc composition.

Growth Factor Characteristics Acomplishes The Following:

  • Stimulates Bio-Plasmatic properties of the Plant
  • Restores plant vitality
  • Produces more Chlorophyll
  • Are 100% Natural
  • Produces more vibrant colors
  • Uses theory of Quantum Science
  • Causes more Ultra-violet absorption regardless of time of year
  • Reduces radioactivity around the plant by 40-50%, thus relaxing the plant
  • Increases the concentration of minerals around plant
  • Increases the production of wheat and corn between 30-100%
  • Increased 25-30% fruit sugars (Fructose)
  • Reduces and Eliminates chemical fertilizers containing inorganic nitrogen
  • Compacting the soils, their regeneration and revitalization
  • The growth and compaction of the plant roots
  • Retains larger quantities of water in soil
  • Assists in keeping the pests away from cultivated areas
  • Fewer problems generated by insects and fungi
  • Reduces Beetle infestation by 80%
  • Increase in grain & fruit size
  • Brighter colors with greater active principles which leads to taste improvement (more fructose)
  • Diminishes weeds up to their elimination from cultures
  • Extends the life-cycle of the stored products
  • Gets higher prices for products (Organic and Bigger)
  • Increases the resistance to frost and drought
  • More compact Hay & Grains - easier to transport
  • Storing the grains, vegetable, seeds, fruits, straw, and cobs for a longer period of time preserving the active principles and diminishing the losses
  • Maintaining the weight of the crop with minimal loss when stored

How to use the Quantum Amplified Growth Factors pellets?

The three application methods of the Quantum Amplified Growth Factor Pellets may be used individually, or combined:

  • Mix with seed for planting;
  • Scatter topically in field or at base of plant;
  • Affix (hang) bag of pellets to trees and vines at lowest branch.
Quantum Amplifier plant growth enhancer how to use on trees

With crop results of the sort described, your fields can become literal Gardens of Eden. Trees and plants can once again produce as Nature intended. Crops will grow freely, unhampered by decades of a deteriorating environment, the result of increased polution and radioactivity.

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