Plant Growth Enhancer Quantum Amplified Growth Factors

Plant growth enhancer Quantum Amplifier

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Quantum Amplifier Plant growth enhancer blueberries in Janyary in N CA

Blueberries grown in Northern California in January

Apple with and without Plant growth enhancer

Apples grown with and without the plant enhancer

Blueberries with QAGF plant growth enhancer 300% more Blueberries without QADF production.

Blueberries have increased fruit production with 300%

No Alternative Plant Growth Enhancer Exists!

Quantum Amplifier Growth Factors plant growth enhancer 100 gram bag (3.527 oZ).

Button polution in plant growth

Plant`s vital QI has dropped by 50% as a result of polution.

Button solution in plant growth

Simply hang the QAGF by your plant or tree. Will work for years.

Quantum Amplifier can increase photon volumes

Diagram showing the formation of different organic components from glucose which was formed by the Photosynthesis and the Quantum Amplified Growth Factor Pallets.

Quantum Amplifed Plant Growth Factors formation of different organic components
Quantum Amplified Plant Growth Factor Pellets

Oxygen release increased by 200% to 300%

Quantum Amplifed Plant Growth Factors formation of different organic components

The photosynthesis process in plants stops at 95 F (35 Celsius) and the plant energetic field collapses. The Quantum Amplifier manages to raise the resistance of the plant to 107.6 F (42 Celsius) and prevents the stoppage of photosynthesis process.

By using the Quantum Amplifier on plants it can increase of nearly 20/100 of the plant resistance threshold and release 2 to 3 times more oxygen which can be extremely beneficial effect on the environment and global warming.

Due to global pollution, the plant`s vital QI dropped by 50% and also the planet’s magnetic field has decreased by 50% in the last century, which led to alarming changes in everything on Earth’s surface, including vegetation. The fruits and vegetables treated with QA are not harmful to the human body, because is free of toxins, and it contains 98% pure natural elements. The QA was invented by a Romanian scientist more than 10 years ago. The magnetism is not created via electricity; it is produced in a natural way, and is non-toxic , enhance vegetation growth , increases the size of fruits and sweetness, repels bugs, and helps plants to survive longer during drought.

Corn comparison pics grown with Quantum Amplified Growth Factors plant enhancerWheat comparison pics grown with Quantum Amplified Growth Factors plant enhancer

The Quantum Amplifier (QAGF) and its compounds Gemstones, Natural Magnet, Natural Aluminum stimulates and amplifies this photosynthetic process by filtering out the ultraviolet energy spectrum, only the beneficial spectrum for the photosynthesis process and prolongs the survival of the plant.

Life on earth ultimately depends on energy derived from sun. Photosynthesis is the only process of biological importance that can harvest this energy.

Photosynthesis means ‘synthesis using light’. Photosynthetic organisms use solar energy to synthesize carbon compound that cannot be formed without the input of the energy. QA elements cause more ultra-violet absorption regardless of season changes.

Plant photosynthesis is the process of carbon dioxide fixing in the atmosphere by green plants with chlorophyll in the presence of Oxygen and Organic Products. The solar light comes to earth in the form of small packets of energy known as photons. The energy associated with each photon is called Quantum. Thus requirement of solar light by a plant is measured in terms of number of photons or quanta.

Photons, which are particles (or waves!) of light, are important to plants because light is used for photosynthesis. The Quantum Amplifier can increase photon volumes from 100 photons per square centimeter of leaf to 200-300 photons per square centimeter of leaf. The number of photons or quanta required by a plant or leaf to release one molecule of oxygen during photosynthesis is called quantum requirement. It has been observed that in most of the cases the quantum requirement is 8.

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